27 June 2011

For Maggie

This post is dedicated to Maggie. Not because of what I found here that I want to make REALLY bad. But because I found it through a link to a wedding website.  

The project I'm lusting after.  
As you can see the above project is totally me and I am determined to try it out with their excellent step-by-step directions.  Although I must say they seem like a little more work for just an ordinary candle holder so they may have to hold out for a special occasion.  

The tutorial was posted on www.WeddingBee.com which is why it immediately makes me think of Maggie.  And while the blog interests me little because it feeds from the whole site what's great is the bio tab because it has buttons that lead to these lists of ideas and articles on how the couple met to the honeymoon. 

For example if I go to www.weddingbee.com->click on the "Bio" tab->click on "Bouquets" I end  up at this page full of photos of bouquets each with a link with a post by the bride who uploaded the photo.  There's even a DIY section and that's fun to look at just for fun stuff like this Mad Lib Guestbook idea!

I think its pretty inspiring...I hope you find some fun ideas Maggie!

<3 Jessica

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