30 June 2011

5 Things that Annoy me.

Brought to you by words that start with Q but don't have a U in them.

For the record these are not real words.  

1. The fact that large drinks at McDonalds are no longer $1
2. The fact that I had to break a $20 bill to buy said drink because it cost me $1.89 and I had 4 quarters.
3. That clearance plants at Lowes are no longer 1/2 off marked price...because they were such better deals when they were.  
4. The fact that downtown Dayton has been under construction on 75 my whole life and I will ALWAYS have to sit in stopped traffic when driving through there.  
5. That Google bought Blogger after I already had a blog and a gmail account so that now I can't merge the two and I have to sign out of my gmail account before going to blogger.  

Those are just the things that have annoyed me in the past 2 days.  

Have a happy 4th everyone!

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