07 June 2011

5 things I want to D-I-Y

I've been catching up on my Google Reader feed with some crafty blogs that have some great projects.

Here's a few things I really want to try out:

1. Fabulous plant waterers
I love the champagne bottle!  I found this on Love and Trash's blog and you can read the article here.  Not only does she link to where she found the idea but she also links to another blog who creates them using light bulbs and a ball point pen!

I'm going home tonight and sticking as many wine bottles into my potted plants as possible! 

2. Mason Jar Chandelier

The one shown was created by Love and Trash but the full tutorial can be found from Kara Pasley Designs. 

I'm not sure about the Mason jars (because I could be canning in them) but I love the idea of using old glassware to create my own chandelier because I've been DYING to have one for my dining room. 

So feel free to send me ideas on what I should use to create my own!

3. Worm Composting Bin

I already have a drawer from a now trashed dresser ready for this purpose and numerous sets of online directions.  But I don't have the power tools for the drilling of holes; or any worms for that matter. 

But with the success of my regular compost bin I'm confident that this will be a more challenging and fun endeavor. 

4. Mosaic something

A month or so ago I broke a plate in my kitchen.  Normally this is not a big deal because I'm clumsy and I break stuff all the time but this was something I had bought for ME.  It was one of the only plates/kitchenware that I had bought for myself and I was very angry with gravity for taking it from me.  So of course I kept the pieces...and they are still sitting in a plastic bag in my cupboard...so I really want to turn them into something prettier than what they are now. 

5. Vertical Pallet Garden

This idea has been on my list for awhile and is from Life on the Balcony.  Fern is amazing and she has some great books out.  The instructions for this project are here but I promised Josh I wouldn't buy anymore plants until I start getting paychecks again, so this one has to wait a little while, LOL. 

What great ideas have you seen lately that you want to try out?

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