22 May 2011

When will it end?!?!

I just got back to my apartment after being home for a wedding this weekend and I've already found a casuality from yet ANOTHER rainstorm.

I apologize there are no photos, but nothing would take in the dark and my porch light wasn't QUITE bright enough.

A few weeks ago I had planted a few cabbage, begonias, and brussel sprouts in half an old trash can my boyfriend had sawed in half for me.  Since it then created a container that was short one side I used an old recycling bin as a rain barrel and container side.  Today's rainstorm must have produced several inches of rain because my recycling bin overflowed, into my "container," it got so heavy it bent the side, so water, soil, and several plants overflowed out of my trashcan flower bed and onto my steps for me to find when I arrived today. 

I scraped a little bit of soil off the sidewalk and tried to replant the plants a little but I'm worried the waterlogged soil from the sidewalk and the shock is not going to make them very happy. 

AND...in getting back about 2 hours later than intended I ALMOST forgot to blog..thank goodness for small favors and remembering! 

I'll let you know how my flooded veggies do. 

Hope everyone has a good week!  I know mine will be bittersweet as its my last week as a VISTA!!!

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