16 May 2011

I'm in shock!

Well, this isn't exactly a guest post but in some ways I'm going to feel like a guest for a little while because I'm about to get thrown into some new experiences!

I just got offered a job at the London Public Library this morning and I'm starting June 1st!  Which means after a year and a half my VISTA service is finally coming to an end.  Which is both relieving (in that I'm going to get a job that pays above minimum wage) and so sad in that I have a feeling the 45 minute commute is going to cause me to leave Wilmington and leave all of this work that I've spent all of this time doing.  

I mean let's look at what I've accomplished both personally and professionally in the past year: 
Coordinated a Culinary Job Training Class
Fed hundreds of people at Sugartree Ministries
Found a family here in Wilmington, OH
Assisted in the creation of a Hunger Walk that is slated to become an annual event here in Clinton County.
Ate my 1st Banana Split.  
Adopted a pet
Started a new 101 things in 1001 days.  
FINALLY, started dating the love of my life.
Met some great friends, acquaintances, maybe some enemies, and everything in between, etc.
and the last thing (but certainly not least thing) that I will list (but this list is of course not exhaustive) is come to grips with both my past abusive experiences and my depression and really take some serious steps towards healing.  

So wow.  Let's see what this new experience does for us!

P.S. Over 1/2 way done with the blog-a-thon!

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