14 May 2011

Spoils of Gardening

I know yesterday I said that I was going to post pictures of my garage sale finds but I have something that's even better...gardening photos!

Today was the annual Clinton County Master Gardener Plant Sale (they also offer workshops but I couldn't afford to attend any) and I bought more plants than any girl could ever need and I am super excited about it. 

The Spoils
So of course after purchasing a quantity of plants that was NOT in my budget...I got to plant them all.  And I feel pretty proud of myself for the creative containers and the ingeniuty involved in getting that many plants (along with everything I was already growing) in my available space. 
Half an old trashcan converted into a planter
A skillet full of impatiens
As I was choosing and smelling the different varities of vegetables and herb plants that have become available to me from this sale i've decided that I want to do a little more homework with my plants to ensure that I'm picking the varieties that are best for me.  So in the next few weeks I will be writing "plant profiles" here on my blog so that I can observe what I do and do not like about the choices I've made to make better ones in the future, and to help you along as well!  So get ready to nerd out about plants!

Now to go back inside!  I have discovered the "borrowed" internet works best from on my back step...but I'm wearing shorts and its chilly now that the sun has gone down! 


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