17 May 2011

My amazing yard sale finds!

All of this...for $7.

Scarf with a pretty pattern

Itty bitty apothecary jar

Bright pink plastic ice cream sundae cup

A baby oil lamp
A tall glass apothecary jar

Sweet gold lantern

A big swirly lamp

A fun leopard print baby lamp.

An old wooden filing cabinet
A complete Killer Bunnies game (this game is hilarious)

A cool glass/bud vase

Set of four mini mug/shot glasses

Cool Glasses

A berry colored rectangle plate that looks like stuff my sister sells
out of her home and garden catalogs.
A skinnier curling iron because mine is MIA
A beverage warmer (this will either be the best invention ever...
or I will burn down my apartment).

Now bow down to my sweet garage sale-ing skills!  I'll let you know what happens to them as I use these items throughout my apartment!

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