01 May 2011

My 1st Blog-A-Thon!

I have never before participated in any sort of "blog-a-thon."  I currently haven't been posting much at all because my access to internet has been solely from my office computer.  Today's post is brought to you by a bicycle trip to campus and most likely a rainy trip back judging by the sky.

So I would like to say thank you to WordCount for their annual blogging event and whatever article they wrote (I now can't remember what it was) that lead me to their site and allowed me to find out about this blog-a-thon! 

Thanks to Michelle Rafter's post 25 ways to blog every day I have created a contingency plan for how I am going to write a blog every day this month!  So feel free to read below if you're interested and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE and make sure that I do this! 

WordCount 2011 Blog-a-thon Plan:
May 1st-1st Day/Contingency Plan
May 4th-Theme Day #1 "My top 5 favorite books on writing are..." I will actually most likely be skipping this in honor of "Wordless Wednesday" where I will be posting a photo on Wednesdays with few to no words.
May 10th-Blog-a-thon Haiku Day (I'm terrible at these but am determined to write one)
May 11th-Wordless Wednesday

May 16th-Guest post/exchange day
May 18th-Wordless Wednesday
May 24th- Theme Day #2 "My top 5 favorite places to write are..."
May 25th-Wordless Wednesday
May 30th-Wordle Day

This list includes all of the Events Calendar from Word Count and leaves me breathing a little easier with appoximately 1/3 of my posts planned already!  Here's hoping ideas for the other 21 posts will be just as easy as this plan was!

Wish me luck!

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