30 May 2011

Memorial Day


It's supposed to be a holiday about those who have died in service to our country. 

Does anyone honor that on Memorial Day?

I feel like most people I know spend it as a day to stuff their faces full of hot dogs and sleep in because they have the day off of work.

Is this all that freedom means to us?

(All 2 people who read this yell "yes" at their computer)

We have become a nation of fat people more focused on food than freedom.  Why is that?  I saw 1 flag at half mast today and I know 1 person who was going to a parade in honor of today (and only because he had to). 

Have we always been so self-centered?  Do we ever really appreciate what has been given to us?

I don't know the answer.  But I want to take a minute to throw it out into the universe that I am very grateful to have the freedom to have had the day off to bitch about Jim Tressel instead of going to work. 

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