09 May 2011


So its been really hard for me to understand the national deficit. I know that we have one, and people tell me that if we didn't have one our economy would fall apart, but I don't understand that. I know that my parents never wanted me to have a credit card and 23 year old me still doesn't have one because of how easy it makes wracking up debt because let me tell you it would be WAY easy to run that card for lots of things I can't pay for on my VISTA salary.  

But today I read an article that made me even more confused about how our government budgets run.  In this article the state of Ohio hasn't gotten back millions of dollars they are owed by fines given to businesses who violate the smoking ban.  $1.5 million dollars according to a report written in the Dayton Daily News.  Now, I don't know about you but I feel like if someone owned me over a million dollars I would be knocking on their door asking them for the money...so why doesn't the state collect?  The article goes on to state that only 26% of the fines that were given last year were collected...WHAT?  If you're going to make this a rule, shouldn't you uphold it?  

What does everyone else think?  Is the smoking ban rule really doing any good if its not being enforced to the full letter of the law aka the fines are both given to the establishments AND collected?

In other weird news I read this article that I thought was HILARIOUS!  This hotel's rope on the flagpole broke causing it to fly half-mast all week and people were calling and harassing them because they thought they were mourning Osama bin Laden!

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