20 May 2011


So with the sun shining, the blue sky, and the cactus I thought I killed growing!  I pretty much feel like a B-A today!  

But for those of you who don't know...let me tell you the story of this cactus.  

This cactus is actually a piece of this cactus that fell off during the repotting process.  

Have you ever repotted a cactus?  Yeah...its not the best choice.  Its best to leave giant cactus lie.  Which is also advice to give someone who, while driving home from work one night sees a cactus on the curb and decides "I'm going to adopt that" 

That girl, was me.  

In case you can't tell by the above photograph the original cactus is living in a plastic container approximately 1 1/2 feet square and just as deep.  It probably weighs between 25-30 pounds and is overflowing out of its pot.  I decided to pick up this cactus, put it in my car, and take it home with me.  

The other thing to note about this cactus is not only does it have the long scary looking 2 inch spines...it also has small orange prickles that proceed to get stuck to EVERYTHING.  Including my arms and clothing (when I picked it up) the backseat of my car (those prickles were there for MONTHS even after vacuuming), the floor of my apartment (I repotted it in my living room), my compost bin (don't put cactus in your compost...it might be good for it...but the prickles will get you EVERYTIME), etc.  I repotted one piece of it, decided it was not worth it, stashed both cacti in an out-of-the-way corner and have not touched them since.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them growing as I often forget to look at them or water them (I suppose they prefer this) and I'm also fairly certain that when I move...that cactus can stay there...I'm NOT picking that thing up again.  

So today's advice: think twice before adopting homeless cacti.  

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