27 September 2010

Hunger Action Month: Week 4

Now that summer is finally drawing to a close it is time to start some garden clean-up and glean what is left from the garden beds.  Last week I took a moment to do that at the Verizon Telecommunications Beds that we have been using to donate the produce to Sugartree Ministries.  

In clearing out the beds I cut down an entire sunflower forest and saved the heads (they're currently drying in the sun room in my office) as well as collected seeds from eggplant, basil, and dill.  This way I'm ready for more gardening when the season comes again next year and I'm already preparing for a delicious fall snack.  

I also watched in hope at a few pumpkin seed sprouts that we planted in these beds.  At this rate we probably won't have pumpkins until December but if the pumpkins survive it will be a great winter treat for our patrons at the food pantry.  

One more week of Hunger Action Month left to go.  I don't feel like I've made that much of a difference but as I'm working on planning my own version of Hunger Action Month for our students here at Wilmington College maybe I'll make a difference a little late.  But as they say...better late than never!

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