20 September 2010

Hunger Action Month: Week 3 Bust

Unfortunately, Hunger Action Month was a little bit of a bust last week.  I was sick for most of the end of last week and not only did I miss a day and a half of work, I was also out of town for a job interview with another VISTA position.  

But, that does bring a point up about what its like to be hungry.  What do you do when you're sick?  If you're starving and you NEED to go to work...you're not staying home no matter how sick you are because you need that paycheck to eat.  I'm lucky enough to be salaried so that if I miss days I still get the same paycheck because of our sick day policy.  But hourly workers don't have that luxury.  What do you do?  

So...is the workforce fair?  Does it discriminate against people who can't afford to miss days?  What do you think?

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