14 September 2010

Hunger Action Month: Week 2

Once again my Hunger Action Month posts are written the week after they happen but its the Action not the post that counts right?

My AmeriCorps*VISTA position has me working very closely with a food pantry/soup kitchen called Sugartree Ministries.  Sugartree Ministries serves over 1200 hot meals a week and touches approximately 500 people during its weekly grocery distribution.  As part of my position I am responsible for getting student volunteers over to Sugartree on a regular basis.  

Saturday we celebrated the 9/11 Memorial Day of Service by hosting a clean-up project at Sugartree Ministries.  Usually when I plan projects like this I get about 6 girls and we do basic things like wipe down the tables and chairs and sweep in the kitchen before its time to go.  

This Saturday I had 30 student volunteers!    

Not only was it completely overwhelming to supervise 30 enthusiastic students who were more than happy to do the dirty work; it was also completely wonderful.  I had the entire Women's Basketball team (I'm definitely going to have to attend a game this year!), 5-6 ladies from a sorority called DTS Lil Sis, a few students who are a part of our WC Service Living Learning Program (its called STAR here), and a few random girls who were just there to help.  

They moved ALL of the furniture in the dining room (which seats 200 people) and swept and mopped the floor.  They even went so far as to find a putty knife and scrape gum off the floor.  They sorted out all the canned goods in the pantry, they bagged potatoes to be given away on grocery day.  It was great...the place was sparkling when they left!  It was definitely the most successful program I've planned myself!  And it allows my new favorite non-profit to do great work in Clinton County.  

There will hopefully be photos later from a student photographer with The Witness, the WC student paper!

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