01 September 2010

Hunger Action Month: Week 1

September 1st marked the 1st Day of Hunger Action Month so my coworkers and I celebrated by having a "Pumpkin Planting Party" so that we could hopefully have a few pumpkins to donate during the holidays.

We planted "Sugar Sweet" pumpkins which are meant for eating instead of the usual Jack-O-Lantern variety.  They also grow a little faster, maturing in only 105 days.  Unfortunately, unless we get an early crop of pumpkins that still won't be in time for Thanksgiving...can you tell we're still new at this garden planning?!

We were only able to plant a few places however, we now have pumpkins at a few of the school gardens, at the City of Wilmington Denver Park Demo garden, Sugartree Ministries and (really exciting) around the ECO houses on campus!  Since my contract is up before the pumpkins will have a chance to grow I really hope they get put to good use!  Everyone deserves a pumpkin pie for the holidays!

Pumpkin sprouts in my office window.

What have you done for Hunger Action Month?!

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