19 July 2010

Life of Service

I am just over 8 months through my year with Americorps VISTA and the past few days I have been thinking a lot about the idea of service.  And not just any service but service that is complete where someone is giving everything of themselves for another person.  I see it a lot at Sugartree Ministries on Main Street here in Wilmington.  Everyone from the Director (who has recently been ignoring his own health to take care of things) to the daily volunteers give everything they have to the project and the mission at the kitchen.  

I think the world should have more of that.  I try really hard to put my entire self into what I'm doing, I put my heart and soul into my work.  I wish more people did that, as many times as I see people who have hearts for service and are truly there to help people, I also see the opposite: People just there for the glory, to get in the papers, to get recognized, or to get extra this or that.  There is just as much greed and "me-me-me" mentality in service organizations as there are people who truly want to give.  Why is this?  Where does someone coming to serve others stop serving and become something more vicious?

Any thoughts?

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