19 March 2010

Obsessed with Spring

I have never been one to have Spring Fever but this year, I've become ObSeSeD with Spring (and yes the High School style typing is completely necessary).  I'm attributing it to the fact that I'm working with a community garden project so naturally I talk about gardening, planting, and spring everyday.  But add that fact with the 65 degree weather we've had this week and its turned into an obsession.  

It started with something simple.  I've always wanted a rose bush and they were incredibly cheap at Big Lots (gotta love that place).  So I bought one and planted it in a large pot in the hopes that it will live long enough to move with me to my next residence next year.  

Well getting my fingernails dirty really started the obsession into a full blown ObSeSiOn.  Upon volunteering to make fruit salad for a carry-in at work I read this article on growing a pineapple top and immediately ran to Kroger after work to purchase one.  

My soon to be pineapple tree.

And then yesterday an ill fated trip to Wal-Mart resulted in me finding packages of 20 cent seeds which I proceeded to plant in a set of old coffee cups my mom gave me when I moved.  Filling my kitchen and living room window with dirt filled coffee cups which will someday become basil, parsley, and marigolds.  

This may seem like plenty of plants for one girl in a single apartment but I have a feeling my adventures in houseplants are not done yet.  I'll let you know more as the gardening bug continues to bite.  

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