02 December 2009

Thanking Gen-Y

I just read Sharalyn's closing blog for Gen-Y Gives Thanks. Not only was it a brilliant idea to bring all of us together to show the side of Gen-Y that no one sees but I would definitely agree that I see myself in the other writers of this series.

From my control-freak nature to my appreciation for the unexpected turns my life has taken in the last year. I am grateful for it all. And one of my goals for this month is to remember to be grateful, even when my turkey leftovers have disappeared and even past that to after the ball drops and the new year brings new, exciting things to be grateful for. Being grateful for the little things, and the big things, and the unexpected, or even unwanted things is a strength that I want to cultivate throughout the next year.

We've broken a stereotype now we need to keep it up! So continue to be grateful and show it off! Show the world that Gen-Y can be positive!

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