08 December 2009

Still Giving

I was talking to Bonnie, who is the wife of the director of Sugartree Ministries which has been amazingly blessed with so much from the Rachael Ray special. She was telling me her concerns that people are going to give less because as Rachael said on her special "the shelves will be full for months to come" because Sara Lee has promised food to be donated for a year. Which is of course fantastic but as always, there's a catch. Sara Lee as we know does not make every type of food known to man and so having food only from Sara Lee leaves holes on the shelves. However, because people are seeing that there has been a years worth of food donated, they're not donating because they don't see a need therefore the holes remain empty spaces on the shelves. However, I just read this article about how Xanterra Parks and Resorts is donating $2 for every reservation made in December to Sugartree Ministries so that the work can continue and hopefully the holes will be filled. And I'm actually really excited about that because I'm usually the negative one seeing the flaw in everything (which of course leaves me looking ungrateful sometimes) so this article has really given me some positivity to go into today with; I'm meeting with Allen, Sugartree's Director, and Michael, a board member, to work on my role so I'm glad to have this positivity to bring with me.

Wish me luck!

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