15 December 2009

Christmas Spirit: Where does it go?

When do you lose that feeling of Christmas magic you had as a child?  Where is that moment in your life where suddenly Christmas becomes a pain in the neck season where you have to run around like a chicken with your head cut-off to buy presents and accrue large amounts of credit card debt and is just too stressful to be worth all the madness?

It is normal to stop believing in Santa.  But even after you have realized that Mom and Dad are the ones who wrap the gifts under the tree (your mom's hand writing on the gift tags should have been a give away as soon as you figured out how to forge her signature) Christmas is still a fun and enjoyable season of the year of you.  And that's always been the case for me. 

However, the past few years Christmas has ceased to be a season.  It has become a day, sometimes a few days, where I eat too much food, get a few gifts, and get grilled by my extended family about why I'm not dating someone, let alone pregnant like the rest of my cousins. 

So, in an effort to attempt to get into the Christmas spirit I turned on Pandora with a Frank Sinatra Christmas station that leaves me expecting the Rat Pack to come in and begin serenading me with carols.  However, after about an hour of this station, I have determined that I have clearly listened to every Christmas song ever written and move back to what is supposed to be a punk station (it is currently failing miserably at doing so). 

So where did my Christmas spirit go?  I remember, even as a college student, playing Christmas music and singing along in my kitchen while making cookies and talking to my mother and sister about our upcoming family gatherings.  I place part of the blame on the Christmas decorations ( or lack thereof) in my apartment, which has nothing but a poinsetta plant to indicate that it is now December.  But I am currently sitting in the office at the reception desk feeling the glow of the lights on the tree behind me.  There is Christmas all around me...why can't I get into the spirit? 

Is anyone else having a lack of Christmas Spirit?  Where does it go?

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