24 November 2009

Hannah to Hooker: Where have the role models gone?

Miley Cyrus has gone from Hannah Montana to Hooker. And I don't think its an improvement.

Via Beanstocked News

In a world where sex sells I think we are rapidly losing any decent role modeling that could be providing by our celebrity teens.  Between posing for Vanity Fair to pole dancing at the VMAs Miley Cyrus is a far cry from the girl next door who HAPPENS to be a celebrity vibe that was portrayed on Hannah Montana.  And I find this to be a grave disservice to our youth.  The young girls who watched every episode of Hannah Montana are now watching Miley head in the direction so many former Disney stars have gone.  From Britney to Christina all sorts of former Disney stars have moved away from their wholesome role modeling roots too uber-sexy, uber-skanky roles that border (if not cross) into inappropriate.

I can just see the young girls now emulating Miley Cyrus with hooker boots and pole dancing.  Because you know there are young girls that do.  8-year-olds who begged to stay up and watch Miley's performance at the VMAs will see this as something "grown up" and feel a need to become that.  Leaving any and all chances that Miley Cyrus could be a role model for girls younger (or even older) than her completely obliterated. 

Why have we become a society in which someone has to do something audacious or extreme to be in the spotlight.  Yet we wonder where the "all-american" values of years past have gone.  Why can't we skip the sex and leave young people something that they can really want to be a part of without worry that they're finding something inappropriate?

Special thanks to Sasha Halima's Blog Post about this topic which can be read here.

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