25 November 2009

My New Home

I know that since my blog has moved to a new location a lot of my readers are new and haven't heard a whole lot about the huge new move in my life. I have started this week at Grow Food Grow Hope in Wilmington, OH. Grow Food Grow Hope is a Community Garden Initiative with 9 VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) volunteers working to raise awareness of the benefits of backyard gardening and all the great things that happen when you have fresh produce at your disposal.

For those of you who haven't heard we just won a HUGE grant from Tom's Of Maine where we get to spend $20,000 to work with this initiative. I believe all the great press happened because Sugartree, the food pantry and soup kitchen I will be working closely with, was featured on Rachael Ray where they completely redid the entire inside and basically made it look like a food network set. For Rachael Ray's trailer click here and of course check your local listings because it should be airing this Wednesday! To read the Tom's of Maine press release you can go here.

And of course for more information about my new position check out our Web site at http://www.growfoodgrowhope.com/

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