26 October 2009

Remove Distractions: You'll Communicate Better.

Gen-Y has always prided itself on its ability to multi-task and to get so many more things done at once because you can simultaneously be writing a blog, watching the news, tweeting about an article you just finished reading, etc. But is it really a good thing.

This article calls multi-tasking an "overused and over-celebrated phenomenon." The author specifically uses this in reference to doing several things while attempting to write a blog because you cannot fully connect with your words and the message you are sending while you are doing 10 other things.

I think this is an important lesson to remind ourselves of from time to time. Have you ever been in a one-on-one conversation with someone about something very important to you when they suddenly stop, pull out their cellphone and begin a text message? They are multi-tasking, having more than one conversation at once, and you probably feel slighted that you do not have their full attention because you were talking about something that means a great deal to you and you want them to truly listen to what you're saying.

Multi-tasking while blogging can be the same thing. You cannot fully focus on your blog which is a conversation between you and your readers and they will be able to tell if you were not fully focused on that conversation when they read it and will most likely not find the content as informative or enjoyable.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it...." Try blogging, tweeting, or even having a conversation with a friend without the distractions and see how the results differ. Do you communicate differently without all the noise?

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