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101 in 1001

Well here it is, as promised months ago to Megan, my 101 goals in 1001 days. I'm hoping that by doing this I will not only feel accomplished, but be a better me too. Wish me luck!!!

1. Graduate
2. Graduate with honors
3. Graduate with above a 3.5 GPA

***Graduated June 14, 2008!!!!***
4. Get an A in all remaining French classes
French Advanced Grammar-did not succeed-C Autumn 07
French Literature-did not succeed-C Winter 08

French Pronunciation-SUCCESS!!! Spring 08
French Literature of 19th Century-did not succeed-B+ Autumn 08
French History till WWII-Succeed! Winter 09
Modern France Spring 09
5. Choose a Graduate School
6. Receive an Assistantship
7. Become fluent in French
I'm applying for a job at BMW for customer service in french and I think I'm as fluent as I can get without living there.
8. Make a new friend in a class

I forgot about Adrienne!!! We became friends Fall quarter because of French!
9. Apply to a senior class honorary
Applied to Mortar Board February 15, 2008
10. Apply to Ohio Staters Incorporated

Turned in Application: January 31, 2007
Interviewed: February 13, 2008

Discovered they don't love me: February 15, 2008

Personal Knowledge
11. Keep a written journal (regularly)
12. Eat at every campus-area High Street Restaurant
13. Make an informed decision on elections (aka actually know what each candidate has to say before voting)-I'd say I did fairly well this Presidential Election (2008) I mean I couldn't say VERBATIM everything, but its the most informed I've ever been.
14. Try two new regional/foreign cuisines
Indian food

Korean Food
15. Read an article in French once a week (not required for class)
16. Read the newspaper everyday for a week

Learn to...
17. Play an instrument
18. Use a dark room
19. Speak another language
20. Fence
21. Horseback Ride
22. Play two new card games
I'm working on learning Sheep's Head

23. Learn to mix 3+ cocktails (after 21)
Screwdrivers, "Raped Shirley Temple" (even if Britt and I made it up), Irish car bombs (do those count as cocktails?

24. Waltz
25. Drive a stick shift
26. Be independent
27. Cook (at least one meal well)

28. All of AFI's Top 100
1 May 2008-18/100

29. All the Indiana Jones Movies
Movie Marathon with Brittany...AND the new one! May 2008
30. Every James Bond Movie
31. The Godfather Series

32. Emma: Completed 17 Decemeber 2007
33. As I Lay Dying: Completed 23 December 2007
34. One Ian Fleming Book
35. Silmarillion
36. A Walk to Remember
37. The Notebook
38. The Chronicles of Narnia
39. Mere Christianity
40. Dante's Inferno
41. Paradise Lost
42. The Philip Pullman Trilogy
43. One Libba Bray Book
44. War and Peace
45. Reread Pride and Prejudice
46. Reread The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
47. Reread the Harry Potter Series
48. All the French books I bought in France

49. Go Paintballing
50. Start painting/drawing again
51. Go on an adventure once a month
52. Find 20 more geocaches (have 23 now)
53. Take voice lessons
Winter 2008
Spring 2008
Autumn 2008
Winter 2009
Spring 2009
54. Take a self-defense class

55. Become more involved in my faith
Co-teach the High School Youth Group at Newman
56. Read the Bible front to back
57. Go to a Bible study (must try for at least a month)
58. Learn more about Saint Rose

Health and Beauty
59. Begin (and keep) a workout habit
60. Start (and stick with) a beauty regiment
61. Get a Henna Tattoo
At Cosi with my girls!!! January 2009
62. Dye my hair pink (at least highlights)
Attempted 2 Jan 2008-somewhere between pink and red, see facebook photos.
63. Take vitamin(s) everyday for a month

64. Get a professional manicure
65. Get a professional pedicure
66. Splurge on a bottle of Chanel No 5
Spent more money on me than I ever have in my life!!!!-August 14, 2008
67. Go one week without soda
Gave it up for lent!!! February 6-March 23, 2008
68. Go one week without caffeine

69. Visit a National Park
Niagara Falls Park, might have been a state park
70. Go to a Brown's Game
71. Go to a Columbus Crew Game
April-with Scott
May-with Residents
Crew won both games!
72. Visit Megan in Akron (again)
June 2008-Tom Petty Concert!!!
73. Go to a museum I've never visited
Completed: Winter Break 2007 J.E. Reeves house museum, Dover, OH
74. Visit Canada
Went with Siebert Hall May2009!
75. Go to the Symphony
76. Visit the Columbus Conservatory (with Zilch)
77. Visit 2 new states
78. Visit King's Island
79. Visit all Ohio zoos
Columbus Zoo-Zoo Lights, December 2007
Akron Zoo-June 2008
80. Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
81. See 3 musicals I haven't seen
The Lion King-September 2008

82. Put my feet in the ocean
83. Plan/take my next trip abroad
84. Create my Europe scrapbook
85. Go to Country concert
86. Take a Road trip
87. Watch a sunrise
88. Watch a sunset

89. Call home once a week
90. Organize my genealogy things
91. Stay in better touch with my siblings
92. Plan a date with Jo
I kind of turned these two into one...the three of us went shopping together March 24, 2009
93. Plan a date with Mom

94. Plan a date with Thomas
Thomas stayed overnight with me and went to the Renn Faire May 2-3rd

95. Have a stable non-romantic relationship with a guy (non-coworker, not Josh)
I think Skyler counts...he and I have a pretty good relationship.
96. Remove photos from computer to CDs
Completed: Spring Break 2008
97. Go one week without whining about DRAMA to someone
98. Be in a relationship with a non-dysfunctional person
I think Ben is fairly non-dysfunctional (or maybe not, LOL)

99. Choose a school/cause and volunteer their regularly
OSU Reach!!!

100. Keep my room respectable looking for one week straight
101. Blog about everything on this list.
Failed: I definitately haven't blogged about everything...oops!


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