01 March 2012

Welcoming March

Unfortunately, I'm welcoming March and feeling a little bit like a failure.  I'm skimming through my February goals and they're not looking so great: 
I didn't go to the gym (not once)
There are still boxes all over the floor of my bedroom
You can still hardly see my desk in the spare bedroom

So I didn't do so hot there.  But there is internet in my apartment and its 7:30am and I've already cleaned up a mess in my kitchen, make lunch to take to work, drop Josh off at the law school so he can leave for Milwaukee, pack clothes to go home for the weekend, check Facebook, my email, and read a few articles so hopefully that's a sign that this month is going to be more productive!  

So let's write some goals for this month that are actually do-able.  

1. Go to the gym (I really am going to get there eventually)
2. Finish unpacking and/or at least make my floor walkable if I can't empty EVERY box.

3. Plan my garden and start my seeds (I put down my deposit on my community garden plot!)
4. Complete my desk corner in the spare bedroom

5. Make my apartment semi-respectable so that I don't feel embarrassed when people come by last minute.
6. Blog once/week
7. Work on having "me-time" 

I'm also going to be working on my lenten observance which is my (attempt) at giving up hitting snooze more than twice a day...so far I'm getting better at it, but still not great. 

Here's to March, hoping its happy...and productive!

What are everyone else's March goals?

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