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Gen-Y has no time for ZZZZs

I've been reading quite a few articles lately about Gen-Y and how many people think that we feel that we are entitled and demand things without expecting to work for them.  This article seems to think that this generation is no longer motivated.
A large majority of Gen-Y came out in droves volunteering and working hard for the political campaigns which eventually led to the election of President Obama.  Of course, now that the President has been elected we are no longer in the election fever and excitement has died down leading the writer of this article to ask if Gen-Y has given up.
I find it offensive that one could even consider this the case.  While I agree that you no longer see people out in the streets pronoucing the miracles of the Obama campaign frankly  this is not the time for that.  Gen-Yers are not ones to stay with something just to stay with it.  My generation is the generation of getting results and making change.  The election is over, there is no longer any reason to be campaigning for Obama, he's elected and now it is his responsibilty to make the changes he promised, and if he doesn't, Gen-Y will be back in the next election to get what we want, that's how it works.
The election is over and frankly, we've got better things to do than to volunteer for a campaign that's already elected.  The economy stinks and Gen-Y is hard at work fighting for jobs with the more experienced and tenured generations before us.  Unemployment for recent college grads is HUGE right now, those students who spent their college years campaigning and volunteering for Obama have now graduated from college and need to pay rent and buy cat food (and human food of course).
And as for the argument that Gen-Y has a short attention span and therefore is easily disillusioned when results are not immediate.  What about disappointment.  While we did expect immediate change in this presidential election it is not because we demanded that change happen from the moment the president was elected but because we were promised that change would occur from that moment.  I don't believe people are disillusioned I believe that they are disappointed and have realized that they need to put their energies somewhere else.  While I hate to be a cynic when it comes to politics and our nation I have to admit that its become fairly clear that politics are not going to get us out of this whole.  If politics are not the answer then we must go back to the American standard: hardwork and dedication and a continued desire to find results, if the first solution doesn't work one must move on and that's what Gen-Y has done.
Disappointed that their political choices have not improved their lot Gen-Y has gone back to improving it themselves.  That means working on their resumes, networking, and working even harder to impress because nothing is handed to you.  And I think that I can speak for my whole generation when I say I'd rather work for it anyway. 


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